Next issue

Right, you’ve reached the end of this bumper issue of Factor, but fear not because we’ll be returning in Summer ’18 with another issue filled to the brim with future-focused content.

To keep Factor as cutting edge as possible, even we don’t know what will be included in the next edition yet.

OK that’s only half true, but we were so focused on bringing this issue to you that we haven’t had time to plan our next issue yet.

But if you’re as in interested in AI, augmented reality, virtual reality, scientific breakthroughs, space and all the other topics we cover in great detail as we are, we’ll let you know when the next issue is available so you can get your future fix.

Until then you can get the latest future news from our website, or through our social media channels, and if you can’t wait and want to get your copy of the next issue as soon as it’s available, become a subscriber and we’ll let you know when you can grab your (digital) copy.