The Elon Musk Effect

While we were all concentrating on how awesome and similar to Iron Man Elon Musk is, some other nations and their leaders were also throwing admiring glances his way...

Print in technicolor

3D printing opens up a world of possibilities, as long as those possibilities are fairly monochromatic. Not anymore, however, with the world’s first full colour FFF 3D printer

Meet your next co-worker: a Humanoid robot

The next employee your company hires might not be human. Humanoid robotic workers are now a reality, and they’re already finding their way into workplaces.

We hear from Germany’s pi4_robotics, a company hiring out humanoid robots through its sister company Robozän for just €16 an hour, about the promise and possibilities. 

AI: already taking jobs

Worried about your job being taking over by a robot? You probably should be.  Businesses are investing in AI like never before, and jobs are already vanishing

Streetview Vs Dementia 

Dementia is nothing short of an epidemic, and right now, there is little in the way of treatments. But technology is helping sufferers to recall and recapture the past

Richard stallman on the vanishing state of privacy

We are now subject to a greater level of surveillance than any point in history, and most of it is thanks to the digital revolution of the last few decades.

We hear from the legend Richard Stallman about how the digital transformation has dramatically eroded our privacy, and what it means for our lives. 

In Pictures: Cinema's Changing Visions of the Future

Over the years, the vision of what the future may be like has radically changed, particularly regarding expected timelines of some of the predicted innovations.

As perhaps the foremost visual medium for these visions, cinema has remained one of the forerunners for telling us just what we should expect

A Great VPN Shutdown

China and Russia have banned VPNS, but it would never happen in the West, right? We ask if the UK's currently approach to online privacy is leading to a ban

the futuristic gift guide

Stuck for gifts to buy for the future fans in your life? Here’s Factor’s guide to the best futuristic presents on the market, with something to suit every budget