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50 Futuristic Gifts You Can Give This Christmas

Stuck for gifts to buy for the future fans in your life? Here’s Factor’s guide to the best futuristic presents on the market, with something to suit every budget

Under £20

Smartphone Hologram Projector


With holograms back on the future menu, you can gift a slice of tomorrow on the cheap with this smartphone-based holographic projector. Despite its futuristic feel, it’s actually based on Victorian illusion Pepper’s Ghost, casting an image or video clip onto the underside of the ‘hologram visualiser’, a plastic triangular frame that perches atop a smartphone. A good low-cost gift for those wanting to experience the ‘help me Obi-Wan’ message for themselves.

HEXBUG CuddleBots


Soft robots are likely to play a significant role in the future, but in the present they’re a great stocking filler. Created by robotic toymaker HEXBUG, the CuddleBots are designed for toddlers as a way of introducing them to robots in a friendly and fun way.

The bots are available in two looks, Honeybee and Lightning Bug, and are designed to scurry around and vibrate.

Clear Coffee


Want a futuristic gift for your caffeine-addicted friends or relatives? Why not get them a two-pack of Clear Coffee, the world’s first on-the-go colourless coffee drink.

Containing just four calories a serving, and free from additives, the drink uses a unique process to turn nothing more than Arabica coffee beans and water into a colourless pick-me-up. Truly, the drink of tomorrow.

Inventing the Future


An ideal gift for the universal basic income enthusiast in your life, Inventing the Future: Postcapitalism and a World Without Work by Nick Srnicek is an in-depth look at the postcapitalist view of the future. Exploring a topic currently gaining considerable support and interest, the book looks as the key arguments for the movement, as well as addressing many of the criticisms levelled at it. A perfect present for the right person.



A practical but incredibly useful gift, Sugru is a mouldable glue that can be used to fix anything from fraying chargers to cracked cases, and can even be moulded to function as a hook or cable tidy. Once set, Sugru is completely waterproof and very durable, meaning it can also be used to repair rugged outdoor gear. This price is for 8 mini packs in a mix of five colours, but Sugru is also available in all-black and all-white versions.



From the team behind webcomic Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Kelly and Zach Weinersmith, Soonish: Ten Emerging Technologies That Will Improve and/or Ruin Everything is an entertainingly lighthearted and brilliantly illustrated look at the world of tomorrow. Backed by hard science and a healthy dose of cynical humour, this is a newly released book that will both educate and entertain.

Picnic on the Moon Blanket


Ideal for the outdoorsy space fan in your life, the Picnic on the Moon Blanket is exactly what it sounds like: a picnic blanket shaped like the Moon. With a waterproof backing and a diameter of 140cm, it’s ideal for those sunny and not-so-sunny days.

Not the most futuristic offering in the world, but it could always be used to plan a lunar colony, or just have a nice day out. 

The Visioneers


An inspirational book for future fans, Dr W Patrick McCray’s The Visioneers: How a Group of Elite Scientists Pursued Space Colonies, Nanotechnologies, and a Limitless Future tells the thrilling story of how vision of the modern future came to be, and how it is being shaped into a reality. An ideal choice for those who love dreaming about the world of tomorrow, and sure to provoke considerable thought.

Eat Grub Bars


We’re so often told that bugs are the food of the future, but in reality you can get a fair number of foods with them in right now. So for an unusual present for the future-obsessed person in your life, why not get them a whole box of festively flavoured cricket bars? Made with cranberries and orange, alongside cricket protein powder, they’re a healthy alternative to conventional festive treats, and pretty tasty too.

Augmented Reality Blaster Gun


A fun way to transform a conventional smartphone into a futuristic weapon, the AR blaster gun allows the user to save their garden, home or neighbourhood from invading aliens. The gun comes with a supporting game that allows users to play on three different difficulty levels. Make sure you stock up on AAA batteries, though, as the AR blaster gun doesn’t come with them included. ​​​​​​​

£20 to £50

The Cosmic Collection


For an out-of-this-world confectionary experience, look no further than The Cosmic Collection from Studio Chocolate. Recreating unusual and delicious flavours of chocolates as the planets in the solar system, this collection is an ideal gift for the space lovers in your life. With Belgian chocolate and flavours including chilli mango (Mars), elderflower and rose (Neptune) and mocha caramel (Jupiter), this is a chocolate box with a serious difference.

Buy from Not on the High Street

Dual Brain Balance


Nootropics - supplements designed to improve mental performance - are increasingly popular among the future-minded, and for the curious, a combination supplement could make for an unusual but appreciated gift. Designed to improve focus, memory and mental clarity, Dual Brain Balance is a well-liked introduction to the world of nootropics, and is often taken to aid studying or improve work efforts.

Buy from Amazon

Tile Sport


A great accompaniment to a pricey gadget, Tile Sport is a rugged alternative to Tile’s conventional Bluetooth tracker, which ensures prized possessions are never left behind. The tracker pairs with an app that loudly rings if the item it is affixed to is left somewhere, and which also provides a map to where it last was. A community setting even allows other Tile owners to locate forgotten items, ensuring they can be returned.

Buy from  Argos

Solight LED Lantern


An unusual gift for outdoorsy types, Solight is an ultra-lightweight LED lantern that can be recharged using a built-in solar panel. Not only is it stunning, but it’s also an extremely powerful light source, capable of illuminating a 100ft room. With the ability to be packed down to a thickness of 0.25in, it’s a great option for those that love camping or spending time in nature, and is also water resistant, allowing it to float on ponds or lakes for full decorative effect.

Buy from Amazon

Rocketbook Wave


Brilliantly combining the traditional notebook with the modern phenomenon that is cloud technology, Rocketbook Wave can be written in like a regular notebook, but can be scanned and stored on your cloud storage provider of choice with the help of a supporting app and handy icons in the margin. Once full, the book can be wiped and re-used by microwaving it, making it a serious friend to prolific notetakers.

Buy from Rocketbook

Fisher Space Bullet Pen


A combined pen and stylus, the Space Bullet Pen is allows the user to write at any angle, either in ink or pixels. What’s more, its design means it can be used at extreme temperatures, from -34.4°C to 121.1°C, and can even be used in zero gravity.

What exactly the user would be doing in zero gravity remains unclear, but it does make for a cool gift.

Buy from  Science Museum Shop

Oomph Portable Coffee Maker


Perfect for coffee fiends, Oomph is a thermos and coffee maker in one, enabling you to make up to 13oz of caffeinated joy through the wonders of pressure brewing. Claimed to be the world’s fastest hand-powered portable coffee maker, it can make a cup in under two minutes, and using a technology known as active stirring to ensure the flavour is even and delicious. Plus, it only takes 30 seconds to clean, ensuring that it’s a gift that will see frequent use.

Buy from Oomph

Smile Jamaica  Headphones


Futuristic doesn’t have to mean artificial, which audio specialist House of Marley firmly demonstrates with these wireless in-ear Bluetooth headphones. Combining stylish wood with a choice of three colours, these headphones offer a luxury feel at a price that isn’t going to break the bank. Plus, with a lightweight neckband offering control buttons, there’s no need to fumble for a phone whenever a track needs skipping.

Buy from House of Marley

Molecular Gastronomy Kit


Bring your loved ones passion for the future to food with this molecular gastronomy kit. Based on the techniques used by molecular gastronomy chefs, the kit allows users to create weird and wonderful foods with bursting flavour beads, flavoured foam and even an unholy blend of chocolate spaghetti. Including five different foods for precision molecular cooking, the kit includes several additives as well as DVD containing 50 different recipes.

Buy from Prezzybox

Build Your Own Robot Arm Kit


An ideal starter kit for anyone interested in learning about robotics, this kit allows anyone to build their own robotic arm and then operate it using a wired controller. The kit is designed to be simple to master - making it a gift for a beginner rather than an a seasoned robotics enthusiast - but provides considerable detail for those looking to learn. Plus there is little that’s cooler than a robotic arm. ​​​​​​​

Buy from Science Museum Shop

£50 to £100

Earebel Criollo Beanie


Combining a stylish and cost hat and a pair of headphones in one, Earebel is the ultimate cosy solution to listening to music on the go. A great present for outdoorsy types, music fans and sports junkies, the headphones can be hooked up to a smartphone to take calls, skip tracks and even use iPhone assistant Siri. The hat also has a premium feel, thanks to being knitted in pure wool.

Buy from Amazon

Click & Grow


A futuristic approach to the kitchen garden, Click & Grow allows herbs to be grown with almost no effort, making it a great gift for cooks with less-than-green fingers. The plants come in their own self-contained pots, complete with all the nutrients they need to grow once they are clicked into place under the kit’s LED lights. The kit comes with 3 basil cartridges, but you can also buy a range of alternatives, including oregano, thyme, chilis and even wild strawberries.

Buy from Amazon

Weenect Cats


If you’re looking for a high-tech gift for the cat lover in your life, consider the world’s first GPS phone and tracker for cats. Designed to fix to the collar, the tracker allows owners to find their cat on their phone, whether in the house or on the prowl, as well as record their movements to see where they go when they’re out and about. Plus, if the owner needs to stay out later than planned, they can give the cat a call to provide reassurance. 

Buy from Amazon

Noke Bluetooth Padlock


Combining traditional with modern technology, the Noke padlock is an ideal gift for a gym-goer or anyone else who requires regular use of a padlock but doesn’t want the hassle of an extra pair of keys. Thanks to the Bluetooth connection, the lock is instead opened using a paired smartphone, removing the need to remember code combinations. And if your phone runs out of battery, you can open the lock with a pre-arranged combination of clicks, ensuring you don’t get caught out.

Buy from MenKind

Open Up Lamp


A sleekly futuristic yet tech-infused answer to home furnishing, the Open Up Lamp is designed to react to the heat of its bulb, opening up as it warms. Designed by the Science Museum's Inventor-in-Residence Mark Champkins, its ‘petals’ are made from flexible polypropylene, which are ‘opened’ by bi-metallic strips made of layers of copper and steel. Working with a 90W energy saving bulb, the lamp will open fully within five minutes.

Buy from Science Museum Shop

3D Printed Vase


3D printing allows the easy creation of unconventional shapes, which means Etsy is full of futuristic homeware items with bizarre and brilliant geometries. This vase by US-based MeshCloud is an excellent choice, providing a sleek sci-fi finish in a wide range of colours. The price here is for the tallest 12in version, but the vase can also be ordered in three other sizes, with the smallest being 6in. However, be aware: while robust, this vase is not meant to be water-tight.

Buy from Etsy

Laser  Keyboard


Perfect as a portable keyboard or a way to feel like you’re typing in the space-age world of tomorrow, this laser keyboard is the ideal gift for the gadget junkie that seems to have everything. Connectable either via USB or Bluetooth, the keyboard also functions as a portable powerbank, making it the ultimate device for working on-the go. It can even be used to transform a phone into a mini desktop computer.

Buy from MenKind

Pifco Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Robotic vacuum cleaners have steadily progressed from the domain of the super-rich to a product us normies can buy, and Pifco’s latest offering is a good example. Combining vacuum and mop functions, this is the labour-saving device of yesterday’s future, and is sure to be appreciated by anyone who is less than fond of vacuuming. Plus, it won’t be long before its owner starts seeing it as something of a robotic pet rather than the autonomous appliance it is.

Buy from IWOOT

The Smoking Gun


Fresh from chef/wizard Heston Blumenthal’s Sage collection, the Smoking Gun is a futuristic bit of kitchen gadgetry that allows you to smoke pretty much any food you like. Add a pinch of woodchips to the burn chamber, light them and position the smoke tube over the foodstuff of your choice to bring instant smoky flavour to a meal. Not only does it work on meats but also vegetables, snacks and - weirdly - even cocktails. Perfect for a gadget-loving foodie with too much time on their hands.

Buy from IWOOT



The ideal gift for the tea fiend in your life, the iKettle is a smartphone-connected kettle that allows the user to remotely boil water using the supporting app, or even other smart home devices. The app also allows alarms to be set to correspond with a wakeup or return home time, meaning there is always perfectly boiled water waiting. And for those that like speciality teas best served as specific temperatures, the iKettle can be set to boil at any temperature between 20°C and 100°C.

Buy from Amazon

£100 to £150



If you’re looking for a futuristic gift for tech-loving city dweller in your life, Baggizmo may be the answer. A sleek, slimline bag designed to be worn across the body under the arm, it has compact compartments to hold a tablet, two smartphones, a wallet and all the other bits and pieces you need to go about your day. With such a slim profile it can be worn under a jacket, and it even comes with a built-in NFC chip.

Buy from Amazon

Geodesic Dome Kit


Despite being invented in the late 60s, there remains something inherently very futuristic about geodesic domes, and with this kit you can wrap one and put it under the tree. Allowing the owner to build a dome of whatever size they see fit in under an hour, the kit has all the components except for the wooden poles that connect them. Great for families, gardeners or anyone with the space and enthusiasm to assemble one, the kit can be used to make anything from a plant trellis to a children’s den.

Buy from Hubs

Star Trek Communicator


Despite the retro styling, the Star Trek Bluetooth Communicator will undoubtedly make the recipient feel like they’re living in the future. Created using a 3D scan of the last remaining communicator prop from the original series of the legendary sci-fi show, this looks exactly like the one used by Kirk and Spock, but has built in Bluetooth that allows it to be paired with a smartphone, meaning it can be used to make any call you can think of. A retrofuturistic dream.

Buy from Firebox

Parrot Swing


For an eye-catching alternative to the run-of-the-mill quadcopter, the Parrot Swing minidrone has a unique x-wing style for flair stunts. Swing is, according to Parrot, the only minidrone that can either fly in autopilot or take-off and land vertically, and is controlled with a smartphone fixed to the included Parrot Flypad. It also reaches some fairly impressive speeds, hitting a maximum of 30km/h.

Buy from Parrot



A gift for both tech-loving kids and curious adults, the SPRK+ is a programmable robot from legendary bot-peddlers Sphero. By using the accompanying Lightning Lab app, users can learn programming and command SPRK+ to complete whatever task they can think of, from completing artwork or escaping a maze to going for a swim or even mimicking the solar system. A winning gift for the imaginative.

Buy from John Lewis

Google Home


The epitome of effortless futuristic design, Google Home is a voice-activated smart speaker that can do everything from answer questions and set timers to cast TV shows and read recipes. Perfect for someone who likes their tech simple but effective, it can control other paired devices, including smart home products such as light bulbs, and can be purchased with a selection of different coloured covers to match any interior.

Buy from Maplin

Fizzics Waytap


A perfect gift for the beer lover in your life, the Fizzics Waytap provides the boozy dream: on-the-go draft beer. Compatible with most beer receptacles, including cans, bottles and growlers, the tap is battery-operated, meaning it can be taken pretty much anywhere that allows alcohol. Plus, it achieves this magic with soundwaves - yes, this is a sonic beer tap - so there’s no empty gas cans to worry about.

Buy from Firebox

Amps Air Earbuds 


For a truly wireless luxury audio experience, Sol Republic’s Amps earbuds are a sound choice for the special person in your life. Providing sleek design in a choice of rose gold or black, they are completely sweat and rain resistance, and offer four ear tip sizes to allow use during even the most active of workout sessions. And with a case that has a built-in 2200mAh backup battery, you can even recharge them on the go.

Buy from Sol Republic

Cair Air Sensor


Air quality is fast becoming the prime concern of the future, however there are a slew of devices available to keep checks on it, and for a family or concerned love one this might be an ideal gift. Able to detect the presence of large and fine particles as well as volatile organic compounds, the device notifies a connected smartphone if anything is amiss. It also keeps tabs on temperatures and humidity to ensure air stays at optimum levels.

Buy from Amazon

Prynt Pocket


If you’re looking for a gift for the snap-happy iPhone owner in your life, the Prynt Pocket may be the answer. Fixing to an iPhone, it prints full-colour photo prints no matter where you are. And what’s more, it doesn’t require ink, instead printing onto Prynt sticker paper, which means the resulting photos can be stuck wherever the owner likes. There’s even an app that enables stills from videos to be printed too.

Buy from Firebox

Over £150



A smart TV box with a difference, TBEE functions as a media centre, Android gaming console and video conferencing hub but with controls that make you feel like you’re living in the future. Not only is there a remote with a full qwerty keyboard on the back, but TBEE can also be controlled by voice or even gestures for that full Minority Report experience. And with a cool hexagonal shape, it adds a futuristic presence to the living room. ​​​​​​​

Buy from Amazon

Nanoleaf Aurora


A futuristic take on illumination, Nanoleaf Aurora is a stunning and deeply restful modular lighting system that can be configured into any shape required. Once set up, the light system pairs with an app, from which the user can configure different colours - from a choice of 16 million - and transitions to produce lighting for any occasion. Lighting events can even be automated, to provide set illumination for parties, meetups or times of day. ​​​​​​​

Buy from Firebox

HUMU Smart Cushion


This might seem like a lot of money for a cushion, but Flexound’s HUMU is probably the only cushion in the world that allows the user to both hear and feel soundwaves, and what’s more, it does so without disturbing other people. An unusual but highly effective way to relax, the cushion connects via either Bluetooth or a 3.5mm audio cable to a device of choice, from which the track and volume can be selected. A weird product, but one that is sure to please.

Buy from Amazon

Nest Cam IQ


A sophisticated answer to the humble security camera, the Nest Cam IQ indoor security camera combines face recognition, infrared and 4K, HDR vision to provide high-end security for families. If an intruder appears, the camera will notify you, and allows you to take a look inside your home wherever you are with the supporting app. Plus it has a powerful speaker that allows you to yell at intruders, hopefully scaring them off.

Buy from John Lewis

Samsung R7


For a high-end, highly futuristic audio experience, look no further than Samsung’s R7 omnidirectional speaker. Providing lush 360° sound, the speaker, which resembles Wall-E’s EVE, can be placed on a table or perched on its spindly yet study tripod legs. With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, it can play music from any device with the supporting app, and can be connected to other devices such as a TV for an immersive audio experience.

Buy from John Lewis



Described as the world’s first smart suitcase, this is a pricey yet epic gift for the frequent traveller in your life. Through the wonders of the accompanying app, the suitcase can alert you if it’s being stolen, be locked and unlocked remotely and be tracked via GPS to ensure its actually followed its owner to its destination. Plus it can weigh itself to ensure its contents meet airline requirements, and has a built-in powerbank to keep devices juiced up. Plus, it even meets most cabin baggage allowances.

Buy from Firebox



Know someone dreaming of a future where their car comes equipped with a heads-up display laid over the windscreen? Well you can make that dream a reality with Navdy. Designed to sit on the dashboard directly in front of the driver, it allows maps, calls, messages and music to be projected onto the windscreen, with help from a connected smartphone, without the driver needing to take their eyes off the road.

Buy from Navdy

Dante Genome Kit


For an epic and unusual gift, why not give someone the gift of a full DNA analysis? Using a saliva sample, Dante’s Whole Genome Sequencing Kit provides an in-depth personalised report, detailing the testee’s entire genetic profile, including risks for diseases and conditions. And for those that like to get ultra nerdy, it also provides all the raw data, allowing individuals to dig further into their genetic traits.

Buy from Amazon

iSommelier Pro


The ultimate gift for the wine buff in your life, the iSommelier Pro puts a smart twist on wine, by claiming to “achieve what usually takes years of precise cellaring in just a few minutes”. In other words, it - at least in theory - turns mediocre wine into a dream drinking experience. Continuously aerating  the wine with purified oxygen, the iSommelier allows precise control of the wine’s temperature, and offers set aeration programs to suit every bottle.

Buy from  John Lewis

Surface Studio


For the ultimate futuristic computing experience, you can’t beat Microsoft’s Surface Studio, a stunning desktop computer that’s perfect for designers, illustrators and basically anyone creative. The exceptionally thin screen can be tilted from a regular desktop position right through to a drawing board position, and with its touchscreen can be drawn on in pixel-perfect detail. Additional products such as the Surface Dial can be added for awesomely intuitive operation, making this a computer that feels like its been stolen from the future.

Buy from Microsoft

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